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Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Joshua Burbidge
Anne-Marie is an excellent driving instructor whose clam, reliable and teaches good techniques and explains things well in a easy to understand way. I really enjoyed my lessons with her and I would definitely recommend her to anyone whose looking for lessons.

Georgia Harris
Anne-Marie is a brilliant driving instructor and I wouldn’t go anywhere else! She’s lovely and really makes you feel safe and comfortable in the car, I was nervous starting out but she worked with me until I was confident and I passed my test 1st time!

Priya Sidhu
From my first lesson I felt extremely comfortable with Anne-Marie and very confident in her as in instructor. Anne-Marie is able to explain technical things in such a simple and concise way, and the support you get is really second to none. Learning to drive throughout the covid pandemic was a difficult experience, but I finally got my licence and can't thank Anne-Marie enough for that!

I passed first time thanks to Anne-Marie with only 3 minors
More than just a really professional driving instructor, Anne-Marie is a really good, kind person who genuinely cares about people and helping them pass. She has lots of patience and is good at getting to the route of what ever a problem might be that is affecting your driving and helping you fix it. She knows how to adapt to any situation to get the most out of it and works at whatever pace you are happy with whether you pick up certain things fast or need a bit more time on other things, she knows what level you are at and makes changes accordingly. She is good at explaining things in many different ways to make sure you have a full understanding of what you're doing and trying to achieve each lesson. Also the LDC workbook and DVD's help with this as they breakdown every part of each driving skill which can help to get test ready quicker.

Anne-Marie is fully invested in the people she teaches, you can easily see that she does the work to make a positive difference to peoples lives. Our times spent on the lessons will be missed.

Peter Gubbins
Fantastic instructor and helped my daughter pass her driving test. Very supportive to a beginner driver and put her at ease from first moment in car. Cannot thank Ann Marie enough.

Ruth Nicholls
Amazing driving instructor! So helpful, understanding and patient with beginners who know nothing about driving. Ann-Marie is lovely and welcoming, making you feel at ease immediately and adapts to your own pace of learning. I did a semi-intensive course over 30 hours and passed first time with no previous driving experience or knowledge of cars. Couldn’t recommend more!

Steven Simmons
I did a semi intensive driving course with Anne and I went from never driving before to passed with four minors in just three weeks. Anne was an amazing teacher and it felt more like learning with a freind. She is very warm and calming and makes you feel at ease even when everything around you can be quite scary. I could not recommend this lady enough. Though I was happy to pass I will miss having lessons with Anne for sure.

Tash Jones
Anne-Marie is a wonderful teacher who I will truly miss seeing. There was some difficulty to begin as my previous instructor left me feeling very timid on the roads but within no time I began to enjoy driving. Anne-Marie really cares about her students and treats them as people rather than obligations and I am very thankful to have met and learned from her.

Jessica Hunter
Anne Marie was more than a driving instructor. She helped me get to where I wanted to be, some instructors just want you done and gone but she cares about what you want from the driving experience. Thank you so much!!

Hannah Robinson
Anne-Marie was a fantastic driving instructor. She went above and beyond to make me feel at ease from the moment I got into the car and soon helped me overcome my nerves enabling me to pass first time! Couldn't recommend Anne-Marie more and will be passing her details to anyone I know who is wanting lessons.

Josie Crossley
Anne-Marie is the reason I passed my driving test! She is incredibly patient, put up with my tears and frustrations on several occasions and never stopped believing in me even when I didn't believe in myself. From never having driven a car to passing second time, I am a safer driver because of the time she spent teaching me. Completely recommend!

Sas Lalli
Ive had lessons on and off for 14 years. Im quite possibly one of the most nervous drivers. With 9 different instructors in those years, not one has had the patience to deal with me and my nerves. Which left me having big breaks inbetween, then a new instructor on and off not really ever getting anywhere. I never thought I would have passed. However having Anne-marie as an instructor I can honestly say she is the best instructor I have come across. I would highly recommend her to anyone and everyone. From day 1 of my lessons shes made me feel so comfortable and made me feel at ease with every aspect of driving. Along with being such a lovely woman, she's just amazing! Needless to say within 3 months, shes had me passed first time. (Bare in mind I haven't had any lessons for a few years) With only 6 minors. I couldnt have done this without her. I think if your looking for a great, lovely, calming and patient instructor Anne-marie is the lady for you!!! Not once did she make me feel uncomfortable. We went at a pace that suited me. At any point if I was having a little panic, she would reassure me and make me feel at ease. I cant thank this lady enough for all her help, calming words of wisdom and just generally being her self. Without her I dont think I would have ever passed. My only regret, I just wish I'd met her sooner.

Matthew Walker
Anne Marie is a great, personible driving instructor. I passed today first time with her help over the past 6 weeks. I would highly recommend her as your driving instructor.

Corey Hedmin
Passed first time with Anne-Marie, couldn't have done it without her help. She has the patience of a saint and explains things in an easy to understand way. I'd recommend her to anyone. Thank you Anne-Marie!

Rebecca Cundill
I undertook a 30 hour intensive course with Anne-Marie and passed my test first time at the end of the course. An excellent instructor who takes a calm approach to lessons. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and would recommend both Anne-Marie and the LDC process to my friends.

Katie Power
I had 22 hours with Anne-Marie and passed my test at Wyndley first time! She was very organised and highly reliable, with lessons being catered for, whatever situation. As well as practising manoeuvres and possible test routes at the start of my learning journey Anne-Marie had some smaller (nursery slopes) which built up confidence and lots of general skills. I would highly recommend Anne-Marie as she is extremely easy to get on with, flexible with hours and corrects any bad habits that may have previously occurred! Thank you Anne-Marie for making my driving experience really enjoyable and your professional teaching.

Daniel O’Farrell
I booked a 30 hour semi-intensive course with Anne-Marie after a few lessons with a previous instructor left me feeling nervous and negative about driving. The difference in teaching was noticeable straight away, Anne-Marie has a very calm and patient personality and after my first lesson any negative feelings I had disappeared. I became more motivated and excited about learning than I had been before. The lesson plans she produced were brilliant and she did a fantastic job of arranging lessons at times that worked best for me. If ever I wanted to spend more time on something she was always more than happy to explain it again. Whenever I had questions she would be able to answer them clearly and whenever I was feeling nervous about something she always knew what to say to reassure me. Overall it was a fantastic experience with a truly talented instructor and the additional material provided during the course really helped me to develop my skills. I honestly cannot recommend her enough, and although I’m happy I passed I’m also a tiny bit sad that the lessons had to end!

Anne-Marie is an amazing instructor, who always made me feel comfortbale and at ease. I came to her from a previous instructor with very little confidence and she soon helped me overcome my nerves to become a really confident driver. I completed her 30-hour semi-intensive course which is a great course to pass quick without feeling as though it is too intense. I highly recomend her, espeically to nervous drivers! Thank you so much Ann-Marie.

Elizabeth Silvester
Anne-Marie is a truly amazing instructor! I have just finished a semi-intensive course and passed my practical test first time. Anne-Marie is an incredibly patient instructor and always adapted her teaching methods to overcome any challenges that we faced and made learning to drive an enjoyable experience. I highly recommend her to anyone that may be wanting to learn to drive as she truly cares for her students and strives for the day she helps them to pass their test! I am incredibly grateful I had Anne-Marie as my instructor and wish her all the best.

Passed first time
I did a semi intensive course with Anne and i went from never driving before to passed with four minors in just three weeks. Anne was an amazing teacher and it felt more like learning to drive with a friend as she is very warm and calming and makes you feel at ease even when everything around you can be quite scary. I could not recommend this lady enough. Though i was happy to pass i will miss having lessons with Anne for sure :-)

Passed first time
My instructor was excellent as she tutored me pass first time. Her calm approach helped me to feel stress free throughout the learning experience especially when undertaking parts I found difficult e.g driving on a dual carriageway. The LDC system was excellent as there was a clear lesson plan every day and the workbook allowed me to track my progress. The videos were also excellent as they provided an interactive approach to the independent learning section of the course.