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Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Passed first time
I did a semi intensive course with Anne and i went from never driving before to passed with four minors in just three weeks. Anne was an amazing teacher and it felt more like learning to drive with a friend as she is very warm and calming and makes you feel at ease even when everything around you can be quite scary. I could not recommend this lady enough. Though i was happy to pass i will miss having lessons with Anne for sure :-)

Passed first time
My instructor was excellent as she tutored me pass first time. Her calm approach helped me to feel stress free throughout the learning experience especially when undertaking parts I found difficult e.g driving on a dual carriageway. The LDC system was excellent as there was a clear lesson plan every day and the workbook allowed me to track my progress. The videos were also excellent as they provided an interactive approach to the independent learning section of the course.